Democracy & The 2024 Election

Strengthening Our Democracy Now

We thought we didn't need to fight for democracy because it was something we already had. Safe and sound. After all, don't Americans believe in democracy? We have had to think again, and to face the fact that substantial portions of America support democracy only when decisions go their way. And that's not democracy. Our founders realized that keeping our freedom and our democracy would require constant vigilance. We've forgotten. Today, we must remember what they knew before it is too late. Unless we fight to keep our democracy, we will lose it. The articles in this collection provide context, encouragement, advice, and resources for that struggle. More >>

Protecting Our Homes & Communities

Protecting homes and communities from growing threats - as well as finding and taking advantage of new opportunities - will require ever greater attention in the decades ahead. This collection of articles includes an overview of threats and opportunities confronting communities. Suggestions are offered for better understanding your community’s needs and wants as well as your own inclinations, abilities, and resources. With this knowledge, you will be able to focus your efforts to make as much change as possible. Finally, it includes resource links to organizations, articles, and books that can help bolster your ability to protect your home and community. More >>

Building Up Cooperation Unlocks Hope

Many Americans share a growing conviction that the hostile polarization currently dominating our politics makes little sense and prevents us from dealing successfully with both challenges and opportunities. Increased cooperation will be required to head us toward the future we want. That positive future remains well within reach, but getting there will require that we strengthen democracy and navigate the challenging sustainability transition ahead. Growing our capacity for cooperation must function as a kind of common denominator. We'll need to avoid or resolve paralyzing conflicts much more often, beginning in communities and moving up to greater national and international cooperation. More >>

Becoming a More Effective Activist

We seem at times to be caught up in a reciprocally reinforcing negative spiral, feeding off each other's hostility, as if we’re in a race to destroy whatever social capital our country has left. Being an effective activist, especially when reaching out to people who may not share your views, requires understandings and attitudes that make possible interactions that are positive, friendly, and thus often more productive. Emotional self-understanding, being self-aware so you can apply in real time what you might otherwise grasp only after reflection, can give you the critically important ability to avoid getting sucked into counterproductive conflicts. This can build your credibility and influence and make your activism much more effective. More >>

Fundraising by Democracy Activists

Pro-Democracy activists will be much more effective if they have adequate funding to support their organizing efforts. Offices, phones, computers, signage, duplicating handouts – none of this is free (unless some business donates it in-kind). Supporting voting activism with our donation dollars is an effective and enduring investment in our future. Support on the scale required to make the difference we need would mean that thousands of generous individuals would have to pitch in. That can and should happen. It is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss. An opportunity that we should seize. Together. Now. More >>

National Groups Are Supporting Activists

More than 200 national organizations are actively supporting pro-democracy activists. Among their important roles is providing news about our movement, offering networking platforms for collaboration, aiding in effective program design and implementation, bringing attention to marginalized groups, and lobbying and litigating in support of voting rights and against voter suppression. While many of them do other things as well, they are incorporated here because part of what they do helps those working to register voters and turn out the vote. Without them, where would we be? Okay, we can stop imagining Trump re-elected in 2024, and help them in any and every way we can. More >>

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